This policy governs weather related decisions for the Lakeland District Soccer Association Tier 4 League and Lakeland Cup for the Indoor Fall/Winter season for its Tier 4 Programs.

Criteria for cancellations

The Lakeland District Soccer Association Winter Weather Policy is intended to keep our players, coaches, volunteers, referees and families safe during the cold winter months.  It is up to the Lakeland District Soccer Association (LDSA) Executive Director through consultation with the LDSA President and local Community Presidents to apply these criteria and rule on decisions regarding cancellations and rescheduling.  The following guidelines will be used in the determination to cancel or reschedule games.

Cancellation or Rescheduling of games will be considered…

– If the temperature is -40C by direct temperature(static) or

– If the temperature, by a wind chill, is -40C with a static temperature lower than -25C or,

– A “no travel” advisory is issued either in host community or travelling community municipality/county

AMA website will be used as the guide for a travel advisory

Check out the AMA Road Reports® interactive map from your computer, smart phone, or tablet before you head out on your travels, or follow AMA on Twitter to get updates on road & weather condition information.



Kristy will inform community presidents, of cancellations or rescheduling of games, if the forecast is colder than -40C by 8:00pm the night before. In the case than the forecast is close to -40C Kristy will contact everyone by 7:30am the morning of games.


DISCLAIMER: While the Lakeland District Soccer Association and your local community association can take decisions regarding the cancellation of games and practices, the policy is not a substitute for the responsibility of parents and individual members to take any decision they see fit regarding their own or their child’s safety in any soccer related activity. If you feel conditions aren’t safe for you or your child, for whatever reason, we support your decision not to participate.

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